A festive run to save lives at sea

Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 December
Torbay RNLI Deputy Coxswain James Hoare with his dad Jeff standing on the grass with a stone wall and the sea in the background

You’re the lifesaver that can bring families together

Reindeer Run is all about enjoying some festive fun this Christmas, either on your own or with loved ones in your household or support bubble, especially after the year we’ve all been through together.

For lifeboat families like James’s (pictured), time with loved ones is all the more precious knowing that James can be called away, 24/7, to help someone else’s. Jeff, James’s dad, can’t help but worry about what his boy will face. But one thing that will give him peace of mind is your support. Because it’s the kindness and generosity of people like you that keeps James and his fellow lifeboat volunteers trained and equipped to brave the unexpected - and come home safe. 

The drop in RNLI income as a result of the health crisis is expected to be millions. The money that would usually help give lifeboat crews everything they need just never came in. And now there’s the extra cost of essential PPE like face masks and gloves. The funds you raise through Reindeer Run will be the best Christmas present lifeboat volunteers like James - and their families - could receive. Thank you for being their lifesaver and a vital part of the crew.

Our vision is to save every one

In an ideal world, no one would suffer the devasting loss of a loved one to drowning. We’d reach everyone with our water safety advice. If anyone got into trouble, they’d know what to do until help arrived. And our lifesavers would always have everything they need to reach them in time and save every one. With you by our side, we can move closer to this world.

Torbay RNLI’s Severn class all-weather lifeboat Alec and Christina Dykes 17-28 in rough seas
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With you by our side, we will strive to save every one. Together, we can move closer to a world without drowning.